June 26, 2016

Obtaining Free CNA Training in Rochester NY

Rochester, a city in Monroe County New York, is going through a high demand for Certified Nurse Assistants. Health institutions like the nursing homes and home health care settings are in critical shortage of CNAs and hospitals and clinics are experiencing the need as well. Though many of the city’s residents have shown interest in starting a career as a CNA, the high cost of living is making it hard for the prospective CNA to acquire additional funds as payment for the training itself. However, there are quite a number of ways to obtain a CNA training in Rochester NY without actually paying for it.

Living in Rochester, there are a number of long term care facilities and nursing homes that offer potential CNAs the option of a free CNA training. Generally, a free CNA training in Rochester NY is offered by these health institutions as a condition of an agreement that comes with accepting free training from them. Though it is rare for hospitals to provide free CNA training and institutions like nursing homes are the ones mostly offering free training, some hospitals tend to help pay for their nurse assistant’s training and just reimburse them after they have successfully completed the CNA training.

To find a free training program, it is recommended that one should contact a nursing home or any long term care facilities in the area, in order to know which facility offers this type of free CNA training. Interested applicants can also contact the State Board of Nursing to acquire a list of approved CNA training programs in the city. By getting this list of available CNA training in Rochester NY, it would narrow down the list of facilities to contact regarding the free nursing assistant training.

With the number of long-term health care facilities in need of CNAs in Rochester, there are many chances of finding one offering CNA training for free. Below, you will find a list of approved institutions providing free CNA training in Rochester NY. You can see this as a starting point in finding the right place to train.

  • The College at Brockport – Rochester Educational Opportunity Center, 305 Andrews Street Rochester, New York 14604, United States, (585) 232 2730
  • University of Rochester Medical Center, 601 Elmwood Avenue Rochester, New York 14642, United States, (585) 473 2200
  • Dawn & Jacques Lipson MD Cancer Center, Rochester General Hospital, 1425 Portland Avenue Rochester, New York 14621, United States, (585) 922 400


CNA Classes in Beaver County

Rochester Educational Opportunity Center Nurse Aide Training
305 Andrews Street, Rochester, New York 14604

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  1. Crystal says:

    Are there ltc facilities in rochester ny that will pay for cna training?

  2. Robert K. says:

    cna at university of rochester medical center ny

  3. Kendra says:

    places that train cna for free in rochester?

  4. stephanie says:

    rochester general cna system seems like it sucks a little because i cant get inconntact with no one….

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